Securing Tomorrow's Future Through Innovation

Securing tomorrow begins with understanding the needs of today - our services produce that. Secure file storage and transmission is a pivitol requirement in any financial coporation that regularly deals with proprietary and confidential data. Let us secure your financial data for you.

Secure File Storage

All files stored within our proprietary vault are encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. The encryption key is yours. No one on our team can retrieve this key or decrypt any of your files.

Safe File Transmissions

We provide a secure means by which you can transfer files to and from clients or customers. Each transaction is encrypted using industry standard levels of encrpytion, and all communcation is carried over an encrypted HTTPS tunnel.

User Access Controls

No one can get access to your files without your say so, we pride ourselves on that. With granular access controls, one-time access pins, and temporary user access accounts, you can designate exactly who gets access to what.

Financial Documents

Corporate Documents

Client Documents

Individual Plans

Best Suitable for Individuals - $10 / month

  • Storage Limits 100 GB
  • Number Of Users 1
  • File Sharing
Small Plans

Best Suitable for Small Businesses - $50 / month

  • Storage Limits 1 TB
  • Number Of Users 20
  • File Sharing
Corporate Plans

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